Get Fit, Get Confident, Get Ahead: Our Community Helps You Shed Fat, Build Muscle, and Develop the Mindset for Success in Business and Life

Our Life Sensei coaches are experts in every domain that matters for success. Business, Nutrition, Training, Mindset & Lifestyle. Join our waitlist below to be one of the first 100 students when the door opens.

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What We Offer

To develop as a complete human, you need to focus on many areas of life. Here’s what we cover:

Nutrition Plan

You’ll get a personalised macros plan tailored to your goals. You will use our all-in-one app to get the plan, track your stats, complete your weekly check-in and get our AI to tweak your targets for optimal results.

Training Program

Whatever your level, you’ll get a training plan to reach your goals. We provide exercise technique analysis too so we can help you no matter where you are.

Dedicated 1-1 support

Every weekday, we offer all-day support with lightening quick replies to all your questions.

Live Mindset Chats

Each month you’ll have a mindset chat with former Team GB mindset coach Dean Leak. Dean has helped entrepreneurs and top business leaders unlock next-level performance.

Nutrition Q&As

Monthly live Q&A with PhD Paul Rimmer - one of the top nutrition & performance consultants in the UK

Business mentoring

Monthly live Q&As/Seminars with our team on how to start/grow your business from people that have done it. We’ll reveal all we know, but first you need to get your body and mindset in place to unlock next level growth.

Daily podcasts

Every weekday there’s a 15-min podcast to listen to on your morning walk that gets you in the right mindset whilst delivering the latest research on health, life & performance.

Book Club

Monthly book club (live on zoom) to discuss the greatest books on business, strategy, philosophy, mindset & performance.

Meet Ups

Meet-ups through-out the year across the UK. A mix of masterminds, fitness events, casual meets and so forth.


The 80/20 Principle

By prioritising the most effective actions, you can achieve the majority of your desired outcomes. 20% of your efforts will generate 80% of your results, and the 80/20 principle applies even further to reveal that a mere 4% of your efforts can deliver 64% of those outcomes.

Sceptical? A 2017 meta-analysis conducted by Schoenfeld et al. supports this claim, showing that performing just 1-4 sets per muscle group per week can lead to a significant 64% increase in muscle building gains compared to 10+ sets per week.

At Life Sensei, we have honed in on the 4% that generates the 64% in all areas, allowing us to be more efficient with our time and resources.


The Timeline


Join our waitlist now to become one of the first 100 students to experience Life Sensei's transformative program. Lose weight, gain muscle, and take your mindset to the next level.

Starting May 22nd, 2023:

The first 100 people on our waitlist will participate in our inaugural 6-week Life Sensei Transformation Challenge. Our program will focus on nutrition, training, mindset, business, and philosophy to help you transform your life.

Starting July 3rd, 2023:

We are excited to offer Life Sensei Memberships to just 100 students. Everyone is welcome to join, and you will have access to our team of experts including a training sensei, nutrition sensei, mindset sensei, business sensei, and lifestyle sensei.

Starting in July 2023 and Beyond:

We have many exciting events planned for our members, including meet-ups, guest speakers, business bootcamps, and Stoicism training by some of the world's best experts.


Meet the Team

The Sensei’s that will help you

headshot of scott flear

Scott Flear

Head Sensei

Lifestyle, Business & Philosophy

  • CEO of Turtle Method which has helped over 100,000 women since 2019
  • 12 years in the fitness/sports industry
  • Pn1 nutrition & behaviour coach
  • Founder of Rugby Warfare - a global rugby lifestyle and performance company working with coaches & professional athletes
headshot of ryan libbey

Ryan Libbey

Training Sensei

Helping you gain muscle, strength and flexibility

  • 10+ years as a Trainer
  • Sponsored Athlete, Bsc Hons Sports Nutrition & Biomed
  • Reps Qualified Level 3
  • PT Off & Online
headshot of paul rimmer

Phd Paul Rimmer

Nutrition Sensei

One of the top nutrition & performance consultants in the UK. Helping you build a healthy lifestyle that includes enjoyment!

  • BSc. Sports, Health, Exercise & Nutrition MSC Sports Rehabilitation
  • PG-Cert Sport and Exercise Nutrition
  • PhD Healthcare Science
  • Sports & Exercise Nutrition Registered
headshot of dean leak

Dean Leak

Mindset Sensei

Dean is a performance coach, consultant and advisor with 15+ years supporting Olympic athletes and leaders, professionals and global companies for Paul Rimmer

headshot of barry randall

Barry Randall

Business Sensei

  • CEO of 5 full systemised 7 figure businesses.
  • Creator of the 7-figure business partnership programme which helps turnaround small, struggling businesses.
  • An author, mentor, and marketing strategist who is an innovator in his field.
  • Barry’s foundations in success are in his ‘go all in’ approach to a ‘health and self’ daily routine.
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Our program gives you full access to our app. It takes care of your nutrition, training, journaling, data analysis, to-do list and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a program that combines health, fitness, mindset and business/career into one. Why do we want to get stronger and leaner? What do we do with new found confidence? It’s not to leave it behind, its to use it to take our lives to the next level. So with Life Sensei we’ve brought together a team that can help you excel in all areas as they compliment each other.

Not yet. The app is just one part of what Life Sensei is. The app will give you a customised macros plan, workouts and mindset prompts to help you take control of your health & training.

Our first challenge will cost around £99.

An online PT may help you with your training and physique but that’s where it ends. We’re not just coaches who have been coaches to coach (the typical online coach is nothing more than a content repeater these days). We’re a team of experts in our own domains that have come together with a clear unified vision on how to help men excel in their lives. So with us you don’t just get a plan you will have support, a community and legitimate business advice to advance your business or career. These business groups or masterminds typically cost £30,000 per year, you’ll be getting the same level advice for far less.

Yes! You can do as much or as little as you like. However, the base for any long term success is lifestyle, habits, mindset & action. So even if you have no interest in growing or starting a business or going to the next level with your career, you’ll still get a huge amount from the Life Sensei program.

Sensei means teacher, and we’ve realised from all our journey’s over the years as the team that it all comes down to a holistic approach to our lives. We can’t just train like an athlete and forget about our mindset and relationships. We can’t just shut down our social life to lose weight. We can’t just focus on business 24/7 and neglect our health. A total approach is needed and that’s why with Life Sensei you get the full approach.



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